Too ambitious

As I make plans for next week’s holiday — write (first priority), sort through all my possessions (including closets and garage) and spring clean my house, and run errands I can’t accomplish when I’m working — I realize that, as usual, I am biting off more than I can chew.  Why do so many of us do that?  We see stars and they blind us.  Yet, even knowing that I’ll never accomplish everything, I can’t make myself let go of my plans.  Having them seems to be more important than accomplishing them.
There’s something about a To Do list that’s deeply satisfying.  Is it because we’ve corralled them into a manageable form?  Does it make them less forgettable?  Do they become less arduous?  Is it the satisfaction of finishing one or two and striking them through?  Who knows?
I intend to keep a daily tally of what I’ve accomplished in writing, sorting/cleaning, and errand running.  I’ll report at the end of next week, hopefully with more written and fewer possessions!

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