Singing Soon

It’s singing time!  It’s been six weeks since my last post because I’ve been so busy at work, but now it’s time to balance it out with singing.  I enjoy belonging to two radically different choirs–a small one of approx. 16-20 people and a large one of 180-200.  It offers the opportunity to sing different music.  I sing with Bella Musica on Dec. 9—Mozart’s Vespers (Confessore), Josquin des Prez, Brahms, and a modern piece by Ann Callaway.  I sing with Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra on Dec. 15 and 16—Mozart’s Mass in C Minor.  Dec. 24, I join in singing carols at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church (Walnut Creek), a church I’ve never visited before.  Such fun!

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