Family is everything.  It’s the source of our lives, our experiences, and our writing.  We come from family and we will ultimately return to it in some way.
This weekend, I go to my nephew’s wedding. In lieu of much direct family myself, he is my late husband’s nephew, really.  I’m the in-law.  Yet, it’s the connection to in-laws that expands our families in so many different directions.
My late husband had three brothers and I had none.  In marrying him, I acquired three brothers-in-law.  All three married, making eight of us.  Among the eight of us, we had six children.  My nephew’s marriage will be the third among the six, as his older sister married a few years ago and my own son married two years ago.
Their threads now stretch around the world, as our children have married widely and diversely.  As I see our international family expanding in these ways, I wonder even more why we fight wars as if we were strangers to one another.
My nephew is over the moon about this wonderful woman with whom he’s fallen in love.  Attending the formal, public celebration of that will be joyous.

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