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Writing Rites and Rights

Today, my daughter-in-law ends her maternity leave and goes back to work.  Her official work is in a workplace outside the home, although she brings home plenty of work, too.  To support my addiction to writing, I made sure I … Continue reading

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Writing and the “G” Word

Recently, I became a Granny for the first time and apart from thinking he’s the cutest grandson in the world (doesn’t every granny think that?), I’ve also wondered about how the beginning of any life affects the many people around … Continue reading

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Writing and the “T” word

A week into our new presidency and I’m inundated by writing about our new president–on Facebook, on blogs, in poems, in short prose pieces–in other words, just what our new president wants:  attention. I have purposely not written about our … Continue reading

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Culture of Celebrity, Winning, Myth, and Denial

The fall of Lance Armstrong is a reminder that we are all part of creating the culture that enables such deceptions to exist and survive for long periods of time.  While “the truth will out” eventually, at least so we … Continue reading

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